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What is Holistic Marketing, its 4 pillars, advantages and how to apply it?

What is Holistic Marketing, its 4 pillars, advantages and how to apply it

Holistic Marketing.

What am I talking about? Does it sound familiar to you?

You may have never heard of holistic marketing. Since it is a concept that is part of the new approaches in the universe of marketing and business.

But do not stop being interested in knowing it.

Like any marketing strategy, holistic marketing can be the perfect solution in specific situations.

In other words, I’m talking about producing an accurate campaign, aimed at the right audience and at the right time.

This is just the beginning.

What distinguishes it from other types of marketing are its objectives, and mainly, the way in which they are achieved.

Actions are conducted in an integrated manner, with the full participation of those who are part of a business and not just the teams that are directly responsible for the campaigns.

Companies that use holistic marketing conduct all their activities in a unified way and focus on a specific objective.

The term originated as a response to the changes that are taking place in the marketing environment.

“Holistic” is a word of Greek origin that refers to the idea that a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Do you already have the concept a little clearer?

As you read, you will discover the relationship between holistic marketing and customer value.

And it is there that the business can present better results.

So do you want to harness the potential of holistic marketing?

Follow here and learn more about the concept, its application. Check out the tips, benefits and practical example.

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What is marketing?What is marketing?

Marketing is a set of actions and strategies properly planned to act in a certain niche.

It focuses on ensuring that a product or service reaches a previously defined target audience.

Thus, in addition to reaching a customer profile with interest, be it real or potential, in what you offer, marketing allows actions to be carried out at the most propitious moment to generate the desired conversions.

And that increases the chances of reaching the established objectives and goals, which can vary between sales, brand image, reputation, credibility, authority, among others.

What is holistic marketing? What is holistic marketing? 

Holistic marketing is a philosophy that considers business and all its parts as a single entity.

Then, it gives a common purpose to all the people and activities related to that business.

To better understand this concept, I am going to make a comparison.

A business, like the human body, has different parts. But it only works well when they all work together towards one goal.

The holistic marketing concept reinforces that interrelation.

Whoever incorporates it into their strategies considers that a broad and integrated perspective is essential to obtain better results.

Thus, even if a business is made up of several departments, they must come together to project a positive and compact image in the minds of customers.

Consequently, ensure that the customer is interested in the solutions you offer, leading them to purchase your product or service and not that of your competitors.

The 4 pillars of holistic marketingThe 4 pillars of holistic marketing

As I told you before, holistic marketing can be summarized in marketing strategies aimed at marketing the brand with all the people related to it, be it the employees themselves, current clients, and even potential clients.

In addition, this type of marketing must communicate the brand in a coherent way, keeping in mind the social responsibility of the business.

To work well, holistic marketing integrates other types of marketing that are the main basis of that philosophy.

I am going to explain each of them better so that you have a notion of how each part is essential for the process as a whole.

Please confirm now!

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing uses a perspective that aims to create a unified, complete and perfect type of experience for the consumer to interact with your brand.

That means that all communication (be it advertising, sales promotion, digital marketing, public relations or other) is planned and directed in such a way that it encourages everyone to work together with the forces concentrated on that task.

Consequently, the image is consolidated and acquires potentiality.

Do you want an example of how integration is present in holistic marketing?

Look at the Apple case.

His advertising strategy with the apple brand is simple: show a sleek, modern product that works quickly and intelligently.

And do it in a way that competitors never imagine is possible.

This strategy “without tricks” is carried out in all aspects that surround the brand.

Their products are packaged in crisp white boxes with little text.

But the smoothness of communication goes much further than that fact itself.

Its stores are clean and minimalist, they have products on display that are intuitive to use.

By presenting its creations with an elitist and futuristic touch, Apple can charge prices above the competition, and still dominate that market niche.

That style of marketing is becoming increasingly important, because the fragmentation and exposure of the media, began to reduce sensitivity to consumers.

It is easy to understand why.

Every day consumers receive a large number of advertisements, of which only the most integrated and consistent brands stand out and are saved in their memories.

Therefore, your team must work to build a compelling voice for your brand and incorporate it appropriately in its personality aspects.

This process ranges from advertising to physical presence and customer service.

Your team must even ensure that the 4Ps of the marketing mix (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) are synchronized.

Otherwise, it will be more difficult to convey a unified message.

Relationship MarketingRelationship Marketing

The objective of relationship marketing within the philosophy of holistic marketing is focused on the generation of a link – in the long term – between the brand and the client.

What gains strength in relation to short-term goals, such as customer acquisition, and even individual sales.

For this reason, the strategy focuses on the segmentation of marketing actions aimed at existing customers, and thus being able to establish intense and lasting emotional connections.

When such connections are made, the chances that the customer will make new purchases increase, too, to get good results in the so-called word of mouth marketing and to generate more leads.

In theory everything seems very easy.

And in practice?

For your strategy to be successful, you need to know some of the best relationship marketing practices.

Here you go:

  • Run satisfaction surveys periodically to solicit customer feedback.
  • Respect those opinions and incorporate them into your company’s business practices.
  • Use all relevant social media to connect with your audience.
  • It includes clear policies to determine how employees should interact with customers in diverse situations, both positive and negative.
  • Hold regular training sessions for all team members.
  • Monitor your results and make corrections when necessary.
  • Go the extra mile to let customers know how much your brand appreciates and considers them.

Performance Marketing

When flipping through a magazine, do you take the time to read each ad, or do you pay attention only to the ones that seem most attractive to you?

Sure you respond with the second option.

By placing an ad in a magazine that has a large audience, the company pays a high price for that number of readers, and even then, for many of them, the advertising may go unnoticed.

It is the typical case of investment that may not suit you.

Instead of paying for a magazine ad, without any indicator of its performance, companies are looking for cheaper and more efficient alternatives.

In this context, performance marketing is perfectly suited to the process, since it is a paid advertising method, not at a fixed price as in traditional media, but according to a variable that depends on the performance of the ad.

For example, the cost of an ad can be based on:

  • CPM (Cost per Thousand Views): the price depends on the frequency with which the ad is displayed to the user
  • CPC (Cost per Click): as long as the client clicks on the ad
  • CPL (Cost per Lead): whenever a client provides information
  • CPA (Cost Per Action): generally, when it results in an action, for example a sale

As you may have noticed, performance marketing reinforces the importance of digital marketing for whatever the current strategy is.

Digital marketing increases income holistically, reducing costs and increasing sales.

It also makes it easy to measure results and analyze Return on Investment (ROI).

Internal marketing

There are two types of customers in each company: internal (collaborators) and external (end customer).

While external customers should be the top priority of all companies, internal customers should never be overlooked.

It is clear. It is they who play a vital role in marketing the brand and products to external customers of the business.

They are always the first customers of a business.

Well, internal marketing treats employees and teams as internal customers, who must have a clear vision of the company.

And the same must happen with external customers.

It also encompasses processes that make them understand their role within the company and its importance for its proper functioning.

It has to do with those magic words that I already told you enough about: integration and commitment.

In addition, internal marketing is based on the idea that customer perceptions and attitudes towards a company are based on all the experience they had with it – and not only on the products or services they consumed.

Whenever a customer interacts with a collaborator, it affects their overall satisfaction level.

Everyone from a sales officer to a technical support specialist helps shape that customer’s experience.

For example, if the care was bad, all the previous effort may be in vain.

Therefore, customer satisfaction depends directly on the performance of a company’s team.

Advantages of holistic marketingAdvantages of holistic marketing

Holistic marketing is efficient not only to increase sales but also to improve internal processes and the interaction itself with the audience.

In addition, there are other benefits that this method provides.

I tell you already.


One of the objectives of holistic marketing is to get all the departments of the company to communicate and work in an integrated way to optimize the results and the quality of work.

Do not forget about that when proposing your strategies.


Holistic marketing can offer a good competitive advantage over others.

Well, it draws the attention of the public and shows that you have concern for the issues of society.

It is a clear sign that your brand can play an important role and make a difference in people’s lives.


Last but not least, holistic marketing enables a wide range of positive results.

These results are visible in the quality of the work, in the friendly atmosphere that is built and in the close relationships that are established with the client.

They are very important advantages that every brand should consider when organizing its marketing strategy.

Holistic Marketing Top PracticesHolistic Marketing Top Practices

To talk about how holistic marketing behaves in practice, you have to start from the beginning.

A company has different departments such as sales, marketing, accounting, finance and product development, human resources, and others. Correct?

Then, if you want to incorporate the holistic marketing concept in your business, you must ensure that the departments, such as the one that attends the development part of your product, receive feedback from the marketing and sales team to have a better chance of attracting customers.

On the other hand, they must work closely with accounting and finance to plan and set the budget for each project.

Sales and marketing must also communicate to the Human Resources department about the appropriate profile of collaborators to improve results.

Finally, the manager and the operational level need to develop a plan to retain the talents that are identified.

Did you notice how everything is related to each other?

And how one sector of the company depends on the other.

Do you remember that old metaphor about the gears that individually make a difference for the perfect functioning of a machine?

It is exactly like that.

That way, you get an ideal product, at a fair price and with convenient profits.

Plus, you attract the right people who are going to market your product or service in the right way.

If you take care of those details, the chances that you will conquer the client you really need are much higher.

That is the essence of the holistic marketing concept.

By doing everything properly, your product and your brand have a great chance of success.

All this if compared to a scenario in which the departments work individually and without any holistic vision.

Why do holistic marketing?Why do holistic marketing

It is worth remembering that consumer mentality and behavior are changing.

Today people buy after thinking, finding out, comparing prices and payment terms, among other factors.

Customers search both offline and online to find the product that interests them.

They acquire a good prior knowledge of the product.

It is likely that the customer has already made the purchase decision before entering your store, or your page.

It is clear that the holistic marketing concept is necessary at those times for your client to choose your product and not another that of another of the competition.

The communication that marketing enables is one of the main characteristics of this methodology.

Its function is to send the right message to the target audience that you must have already defined in advance.

A good message has more opportunities to increase customer confidence in your company and improve your brand image.

Start capturing leads with Klickpages todayStart capturing leads with Klickpages today

As you have seen so far, for the holistic marketing strategy to work, it depends on the message you send to your audience and how you do it.

You must use your site, blog and social networks to capture leads.

It is the best way to gain notoriety and awaken in the client the desire for your solutions.

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ConclusionHolistic Marketing conclusion

Holistic marketing is a practice capable of helping the growth of the organization with the correct marketing of the product.

With increasing competition due to increasingly demanding consumers, convincing them that your product or service is the best solution has become a much more complex process.

It is hard but not impossible.

You need to apply holistic marketing properly so that the decisions customers make are in your favor.