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What is customer prospecting: 15 tips for prospecting customers?

What is customer prospecting: 15 tips for prospecting customers

How do you work on prospecting for clients in your business?

The question on which you have to reflect is not only about the communication channel you use

The most important thing refers to your strategy.

Or are you going to tell me that sales prospecting is intuitive and unplanned?

It is essential to have a well-structured process for the growth of your business and the constant flow of income.

Given the high competitiveness of the current market: prospecting potential clients is a matter of survival.

Knowing the right time to deal with the customer is crucial to start a promising dialogue with him, attract him and lead him through your sales funnel .

Not sure how to start or continue?

This article is going to present you with the answers you need.

You will understand not only the concept of prospecting for clients, but its importance.

I am also going to explain to you step by step how to set up your plan and increase your client portfolio.

You come with me?

What is customer prospecting?  What is customer prospecting

Customer prospecting is a structured process. Its objective is to get closer to your audience, conduct surveys, prepare the ground to contact them and induce them to enter your sales funnel.

The term prospecting has to do with surveys. And prospecting is basically carrying them out.

For the strategy to work, the customer profile must be correctly defined.

Next, identify those who may have an interest in the product or service you offer.

Consequently, the ultimate purpose is to increase your sales.

Remember that prospecting is the first contact with new customers.

Therefore, make sure your sales team is prepared to communicate in the most appropriate way possible.

How to do a good prospecting for clients?How to do good customer prospecting

Now that you know what customer prospecting is all about, it’s time to get your hands on it.

Do you want to find out how to do good prospecting in practice?

To help you put together your prospecting plan, I’ve selected a few tips that are worth gold.

You will now see the 15 steps that show you the way to success.

Take a look at how to develop your strategy and guarantee with it that money does not stop entering your business.

1. Know your market well

For everything to go well for you in prospecting for clients, it is important that you know beforehand what is happening in the market that you act or intend to act on.

And when I tell you to know, don’t treat this matter superficially.

I am meaning that it is really necessary to know in depth the dynamics of the segment, the public, the treatment of the competitors they give to potential customers, the sales opportunities and the threats to which your business may be subject.

By doing an analysis of the different scenarios, you avoid wasting time and effort promoting a product or solution that the market does not want or does not need at that moment.

The secret is to observe the competition and identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to beat them.

Have you already heard of SWOT Analysis?

It is a perfect tool for the client to notice you.

2. Rate all the contacts on your list 

If a marketing campaign performs well, it is natural for the inflow of new leads to increase.

Leads are your potential customers.

They acquire that category when they establish contact with your branding brand or with what it offers.

From the moment the leads arrive, you need to organize them into lists, according to specific criteria that are relevant to your business.

For example, there may be a contact list that includes only business managers.

Choosing some filters to qualify all the leads is a good measure to guard against failures in the approach given to communications.

I give you an example.

Imagine that the information about the leads is transmitted in a distorted way to the sales team, as if they were ready to buy at that moment, when in fact, they are not.

The same happens if they are thereby mistake or by some error in the evaluation.

That is, when they do not have the profile to consume a certain product.

A good way to classify your contacts is to create a lead score as the basis for your work with them.

That way you will be able to identify which ones deserve your attention the most, increasing your prospecting chances.

Keep in mind that a qualified prospect is worth more than 10 disqualified leads.

3. Take into account both the client’s profile and that of your businessHow to do good customer prospecting

To reap good results with prospecting, it is necessary to know well the client, his objectives, needs, habits and interests.

The key concept in all of this is known as person.

Represents the ideal customer profile for your business.

In this way, you will be able to know if the product you offer is indeed capable of solving their problems.

You have to offer advantages that add value to the customer.

Without meeting that stage, you cannot move on.

This is an essential step before you start prospecting customers and working them through your business’s sales funnel.

4. Choose the right moment 

Knowing the purchase journey of your client is also essential to choose the most propitious moment of approach.
This is not just a detail for those who want to ensure effective prospecting.

A client who is getting to know your business may need a little more time to build a solid vision of what you have to offer.

They may want to have some references, opinions on social media, and gather more information before interacting with you.

On the other hand, if he knows or understood that your solution is the ideal one, it is likely that he will take the first step.

So, don’t keep him waiting.

The main thing is to respond as quickly as possible.

5. Offer solutions and not products

Offering the product itself is not enough.

The shelves are already full of products.

The internet has been causing intense changes in consumer habits.

Today consumers are much more demanding.

In fact, the current behavior is different, which imposes new challenges.

When approaching the potential customer, you must go far beyond describing the physical characteristics of the product or service.

You need to show him the intangible qualities, the consumer experience that he will have.

If he doesn’t see the value beyond appearance, prospecting is going to be ineffective.

In short, you must make it clear that the potential customer is purchasing a solution and not just a product.

6. Ask the right questions

Keep in mind that if you want to keep your client interested in the conversation, it is necessary to avoid questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”.

These types of questions cut off the flow of communication.

Ideally, ask more openly, allowing the customer to provide more information.

I give you some advice.

Create a script with strategic questions.

It will be much easier for you to lead the conversation and show your interest in serving him.

In addition, it is important to know how to listen to the opinion of the client so that the prospecting is the result of the dialogue between you and him.

7. Reach out to your customers by phoneHow to do good customer prospecting

The telephone approach is still one of the main forms of prospecting, depending on your field of action.

But avoid very formal speeches and inflexible scripts.

Prospecting customers like a robot can put all communication at risk.

You want to make your audience feel comfortable when you talk to them on the phone.

You have to persuade him to converse calmly, without looking like an intruder.

Therefore, be polite, speak to him in a natural and friendly way.

Don’t forget to match the tone and language of the client.

Everything he tells you is important and will help guide the discussion, even if you stray a bit from the script you prepared.

8. Write down all the information you collected

As I mentioned, knowing how to listen is essential to maintain a good dialogue with the client.

But more important is to take note of everything that was said to avoid that important issues go unnoticed.

Based on the data collected, you can plan new contacts to follow up on the sales process and optimize your marketing strategies.

It is interesting to formalize the conversation by sending an email summary of everything that was said.

This tactic builds credibility as it helps demonstrate how important your customer is to you.

9. be honest and explain the reason for your approach

To ensure that the customer stays online and attentive to the conversation, you must be clear and objective when explaining the reason for your call.

No detours or ornate phrases.

When the customer knows who is calling and for what reason, dialogue is easier.

However, not everything is rosy.

It is normal that there are clients who are not going to want to listen to you and end the call before you tell them what you offer.

Therefore, to face that type of situation, you always have to have a plan B.

The purpose is to show the benefits of your product in a subtle way, without being invasive or pushy.

By the way, you yourself must have already rejected product offer calls.

That being the case, you can already imagine the challenge it means for those on the other side trying to keep the conversation going.

10. Use emailsHow to do good customer prospecting

It is interesting that when you rate your client, you discover how he prefers to be contacted.

DO NOT judge their preferences based on yours.

Some like to receive calls, others prefer email communications.

The latter is a great way to start the dialogue.

In everyday rush, it is quite common that people do not have time to talk on the phone.

But if you opt for email, the rules are the same as for phone calls: brevity, objectivity, and honesty.

Don’t go overboard by filling your customer’s inbox.

You can appear unpleasant, cause disgust and not attraction. Ideally, there should be some intervals between one shipment and another.

Encourage the customer to respond to you.

When you do, it is necessary that the exchange of messages works as a quick call that seeks to strengthen the relationships between you.

Email marketing tools allow a high degree of segmentation and personalization.

This humanizes the conversation and increases the chances of arousing the customer’s interest.

For this reason, do not stop paying close attention to this stage.

Another important thing is to send content that adds value to the customer, through marketing automation strategies.

11. Ask for the recommendation of current clients

A good way to get clients is to work with those who are already in your portfolio.

Do not hesitate to ask them for information.

They will be able to recommend other people they know who seem suitable to make the purchase as well.

Also, you can ask who they consider your direct competitors.

Then, you will have an idea about the perception that the client has of the market in which you move.

12. Use follow-up techniques and stay in touchHow to do good customer prospecting

Follow-up is a term in English, which in its free translation means to follow up.

This is exactly what you have to do: closely follow each client to establish a friendly relationship with him.

For example, if the client recently purchased one of your solutions, send him an email asking for his opinion, if it is being useful to him.

Over time, you can send them exclusive offers so they can buy again.

Remember nothing to sell and then disappear.

Post-sale strategies are important to ensure the growth of your business.

13. Prepare for meetings

During the sales process, it is common to schedule face-to-face or online meetings for more effective communication

Obviously, this varies by business. But you need to be prepared for that demand.

How can you do it?

Well, it is essential that you bring a good presentation of the company (business marketing) and your solutions.

All customer questions must be answered immediately and safely.

You have to master the issue related to what you sell, otherwise, you can contribute to the customer feeling indecisive about what you offer.

You must show confidence and assurance when explaining your arguments.

If not, both your credibility and your product can be damaged.

14. Draw your goals and objectives scheme

An important step is to bring your team together to set goals and objectives.

And prospecting for clients is not going to be any different.

For example, you can establish a number of clients that you want to prospect within a certain period of time.

Another interesting action is to determine which clients deserve special attention and priority treatment, in addition to defining the solutions that you are going to offer to each one.

Again, a lead scoring can help you get to know your contact list better and work on it strategically until everyone is ready to buy.

15. Leave the next step programmed

Take a good look, prospecting for clients is just a starting point of your business day.

The road to the bottom of the sales funnel can be short or long. It all depends on the particularities of your business and your type of approach.

Therefore, when you notice that the client really showed interest in what you offer, do not lose sight of planning the next contact between you.

Agree on the best day and time to talk to him again and follow up on the process.

Send him an email to formalize the next meeting and maybe an invite for his agenda.

It should be remembered that the ideal is that you do not take too long to take the next step.

You can’t take the risk of letting potential customer interest cool.

Also, if he is not the one who decides, try to involve the decision maker in the next talk.

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ConclusionClient Prospecting Conclusion

Customers represent a lot to your business.

Without them, the business has no reason to exist.

Although that truth imposes a great responsibility, it is necessary to build a healthy relationship.

As you saw in this article, it all starts with a properly defined customer prospecting strategy.

Now that you’ve learned the best prospecting tips, it’s time to put your plan into action.

Have full knowledge of your market, your product and your audience.

Also your team must be very well prepared.

Make sure everyone speaks the same language as your client.

We see you here at our next meeting!