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What is an info product, types and how to promote yours?

What is an info product, types and how to disclose your info product

After all, what is an info product, if not one of the greatest opportunities of the moment?

If that concept still sounds weird to you, it should come as no surprise that you are losing money.

As the internet is today the main sales platform, the negotiated product also had to be digital.

Are you going to tell me that you hadn’t thought about it?

So what do you need to find out right now how to create info products?

And even more: what is the way to develop a successful info product?

You’ll get that and other answers throughout this article.

I prepared a material on the most varied types of info products

, with the aim of helping you enter that new universe of content, which, incidentally, is highly profitable.

Do you want to try a little of this delicious material?

Continue with me and check out some examples of info products, as well as the best dissemination techniques.

Who knows soon, the best-selling info product will be yours. .

What is info product?What is an infoproduct

Info product is a digital product distributed for free or paid on the internet.

Built in audio, video or text. Its main characteristic is the offer of relevant digital information for download or online consumption.

When you sign up to take an online course, you are hiring an info-product.

When downloading an eBook, too.

And when you subscribe to an electronic magazine? Same.

There are several models of info products, as we will see in this article.

It is interesting to note that, despite the name, most info products are characterized as services and are intangible (they cannot be touched).

Many of them are even available only on the internet and depend on the connection to have access.

Any type of class taught on video, for example, falls into that context.

It can be a course, a conference, a presentation, an exhibition, in short.

In addition to that, by understanding what an info product is, you will notice that one offer can be used to sell another.

Exactly that!

Do you want me to give you an example?

An eBook can be offered free of charge as a marketing and sales tool for a course, among other info products.

Realize the importance of mastering the concept and its different formats.

As we will see shortly, a new world of opportunity opens up from there.

8 Advantages of info products8 Advantages of infoproducts

Very good. You understood what an info product is.

Do you already have an idea about its importance, but want to know more about its main advantages?

So come with me!

1. It is a business that has scalability8 Advantages of infoproducts

The scalability concept applied here is very easy to understand.

It means that after you create and launch your info product, maybe you can only dedicate yourself to sales.

That is, you develop the offer once and you can already sell it unlimitedly.

2. It can be a new source of income

Precisely because it is a business that has scalability, the info-product can become a new source of monthly income.

Of course it will be variable, alternating for more or less, depending on the sales. But every month a little money will come into your account.

And who knows be a diner on!

3. It can be the best retirement8 Advantages of infoproducts

One thing leads to another.

Working with info products can ensure a good and quiet retirement much earlier and in much better conditions than traditional ones, as it is scalable and generates monthly income.

This is the typical case of living on income.

4. Ensure more free time

As you are going to create a product first and then observe the sales (with the disclosure, of course) the gain in terms of quality of life is inestimable.

If you are one of those people who complains about not having had a vacation, not having been able to have fun with the family and still imprisoned in an office, discover what an info-product is and change your life.

5. It is cheaper8 Advantages of infoproducts

Any product or service with the potential to generate the income obtained by an info-product costs more to develop it.

With it, you don’t need a space, no employees, no equipment.

Many times just a computer with internet is enough.

6. Facilitate logistics

You pay a small commission. It is true, but this is very low, if you compare it with what you receive in return.

A traditional info product is hosted on an online platform and this takes care of everything.

That includes “delivery” and collection, among other tasks that certainly require time, means, and knowledge.

7. You have salespeople, without paying them wages

The info products are disclosed and traded through affiliate programs.

It works like this: the owner of a site or blog, for example, registers on the platform to sell his info-product.

For each sale, he receives a commission.

In other words, there is an incentive for many more people to access your info-product, without you making an effort to do so.

All of this is mediated by the platform itself.

8. Sales 24 hours a day8 advantages

For those who have an info-product, there is no fixed work schedule.

Well, there is no time to consume information on the internet.

It can be Saturday, Sunday or holiday. Morning, afternoon, night or early morning.

Your info product is always ready for someone to buy.

Info product formats8 Advantages of infoproducts

So now that you’ve discovered what an info product is and verified its benefits, are you excited to get started?

Calm down, there is still more!

Something very important that you need to know before fully entering that story.

We are talking about the formats (models) of info products.

As you can see from now on, there are all kinds of opportunities to create and sell, whether in text, audio or video.

Which do you choose?

Look at the main options.

EBooksInfoproduct formats

The digital books (eBooks) usually represent the gateway to the world of infoproductos.

This is explained by two main reasons: they are easy to do and they are also very popular.

To create your eBook, you just have to use a text editor tool, like Google Docs or even Word.

If you want to increase, you can do something in Power Point or in the presentation tool that Google offers.

The important thing is to save your eBook in PDF or PUB, mainly in the first format, which is the most used and preferred for consumption.

But before creating yours it is important that you take into consideration some points.

The info-product must be salable, that is, arouse the interest of the public.

It is also necessary that it has a rich content, that adds value to the reader and that it positions you as an authority on the matter.

Use clear language and a format that has an attractive visual.

Think about the experience that the user will have with your eBook.

If you want an info-product that does not need interaction, that is easy to assimilate and that, in addition, can be accessed offline after downloading it from the internet, the digital book tends to be the ideal model.

WhitepapersInfoproduct formats

Whitepapers are a kind of evolution of the eBook.

The format is similar, but the content is denser.

It is generally composed of surveys, statistical data used with a more academic tone.

It is much more textual than visual, as it focuses on a deeper type of information.

And that is precisely its main value.

As it is a much more specific info-product, the target audience must be as well.

For it to be built successfully, it is necessary to have a defined person with clarity and details.

Afterward, it’s just talking to her throughout the content, giving her what she wants.


Now, the text leaves the scene and gives way to the video.

A webinar is the modern version of video conferencing.

It is truly a webinar that can be used for both business and educational purposes.

For example, you can develop a webinar to demonstrate a new product to the public or to present relevant content that reinforces your authority on the subject.

We could even compare it to a conference in any auditorium, if it weren’t for the fact that there is no audience limitation.

In other words, a webinar is like a presentation in an infinite auditorium.

For it to work, in addition to paying close attention to the content, it is necessary to guarantee the adherence of the public.

And don’t forget about the interaction, since one of the key elements of the webinar is to spend some time answering the questions asked by those who are watching it at the moment.

Online coursesInfoproduct formats

That is one of the broadest methodologies when we talk about info products.

Well, the same online course can add several resources from other formats.

For example, in addition to video classes, you can join this digital strategy, eBooks, audiobooks and screencasts, among others.

The challenge is more than obvious. Therefore, teaching an online course is not for everyone.

And we are not talking about a class, but a set of classes planned in all its details.

It is necessary to have total control of the matter and be recognized as an authority on the subject addressed.

As the online course is usually a higher-cost info-product, the user needs to feel safe and have confidence that the investment made is worth it.

ScreencastsInfoproduct formats

A screencast is a type of video lesson captured from the screen.

It is as if you share your computer screen with any user via the internet.

It is a widely used resource for demonstrations and didactic classrooms on “how to do it”.

The audio can be original or later integrated.

Besides that, the demand on video is not the same as that of a traditional class.

In other words, you don’t need to hire a recording studio to do a screencast.

The most important thing about this info-product is precisely the content you present.

The rest is secondary.

It adapts to all situations in which you want to teach the step by step of an online procedure, such as using a certain site or software.

AudiobooksInfoproduct formats

This concept is easy to understand.

An audiobook, as its name implies, is a digital audiobook.

As an info-product, it is a very interesting proposal, since it can be “consumed” on various platforms, anywhere.

Whoever buys your audiobook, will be able to hear it on the computer, mobile or tablet, for example.

Although the concept of the talking book is not new, in this format, it is quite revolutionary.

To launch your info-product, do not take into account the demand of the internet about consuming fast information.

The audiobook is a real book, a complete work, and as such it deserves more in-depth content.

PodcastsInfoproduct formats

To talk about podcasts, we’re not going to stray too far from audiobooks, except for the size of the content.

The podcast is an audio info-product, it generally brings relevant information, for example, those presented in the form of text in an eBook or in a blog article.

It is possible to compare it to a radio program as well, but it is heard by the user if he wants, when he wants and on the platform he chooses.

In podcasts, the most varied topics can be used, but don’t forget to give your audience what they deem interesting.

This is the secret of any info product.

Member sites

As the name implies, a member’s site is a private channel on the internet.

Its access is limited to authorized users who view the service and pay an adhesion fee to have the right to consume the exclusive content.

Member sites, also known as a membership program or membership, can be used within a digital course strategy.

In that case, they correspond to the opening of new modules or classes, for example.

Another feature is that they can also use various other formats of info products, both in audio, video or text.

It is important to offer exclusive and truly relevant benefits to the user, so that they can be convinced to become a member.

Electronic magazinesInfoproduct formats

Magazines, e-zines, or just electronic magazine calls are like a digital version of the printed magazine.

They have a defined periodicity, which can be weekly, biweekly or monthly, for example. Always with private content.

In other words, just like a member’s site, it is necessary to become a subscriber of the service to have access to it.

As well as other types of info products, an electronic magazine has the great advantage of being consumed in any digital resource, such as mobile or tablet.

How to disclose your info productHow to disclose your info product

You already understood that it is an info product and now you know the formats that you can use to become a great digital entrepreneur.

But there is a very important stage on the road to success.

Important, not essential.

There is no way to make money with products, without a good dissemination strategy.

If you still do not have sufficient authority to sell your info product, you will be recognized little by little through disclosure.

And if you already have it, you are going to reinforce it with a good outreach job.

So, are we going to know the best tools with which you can make your disclosure?

Create a Landing PageCreate a Landing Page

landing page is a conversion page.

It is the user’s gateway to your info product.

It will be through it that you will be able to generate leads, that is, your potential customers.

You need a landing page that serves as a digital hook, from which you will have access to the user’s email. This will allow you to rate your relationship with him.

Now, for that relationship to really qualify, there are some important precautions that you must adopt.

Let’s see what they are?

  • The page must be clean, without distractions
  • Be objective and get straight to the point
  • Use a catchy title to instigate the user
  • Present the offer clearly
  • Prepare a simple form to hook the user
  • Guarantees a Call to Action- Call to Action (CTA) for conversion

Do you want some good advice? I invite you to know Klickpages. See how easy it is to create amazing landing pages through the tool.

Invest in social mediaInvest in social media

It is quite likely that a good part of your audience is on social networks.

But in which of them?

You will only be able to answer that question by knowing the profile and interests of your audience.

We are talking about a key stage to disseminate your info product on these channels.

The strategy is usually effective, if you use the right language, post frequently and invest in interaction.

Do not leave anyone without an answer and be active and present in your profiles.


The fact of having a blog fits very well with the long-term strategy, typical of content marketing.

In addition to nurturing your leads with qualified content and generating permanent interest in your product, your articles are the best way for you to be located by Google.

By discovering which keywords are most searched for by your audience, you will be able to offer them the answers they demand.

That helps build authority and relevance. In addition to generating traffic, it enables conversions.

Don’t forget to include CTAs in that strategy, be it through banners, conversion buttons or links in the text, for example.

Email MarketingE-mail Marketing

Another powerful outreach tool is Email marketing. .

It works like this: you prepare an action with relevant content and good visuals and shoot it to a segmented list of email addresses, publicizing your course.

The first point here refers to the list.

The more you target your target audience, the greater the chance that the strategy will result in the conversions you want so much.

Once you’ve taken that step, get creative and guarantee the buttons for the CTAs in your message.


In this article you learned what an info-product is, its advantages, formats (models) and dissemination strategies.

That is one of the most modern and profitable ways of undertaking on the internet.

It is not by chance that many seek the offer of digital content as a source of income.

The problem is that few actually do it. And the cause, in most cases, is a lack of planning.

Throughout this talk, you verified everything you need to develop a very successful info product.

Now, you need to put into practice what you learned.