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Subordinate and self-employed work: what are the differences?

Subordinate and self-employed

When starting a business or when the volumes of work increase it may be necessary to find new collaborators. Before starting the employment relationship, it will be necessary to identify the right contract. It is possible to use two types of contract: subordinate and self-employed work, depending on the ways in which the work is carried out. In this short guide, we will explain …

What is the occasional self-employment contract?

self-employment contract

The Occasional Self- Employment Contract is the agreement by which a subject (client) instructs an external worker to provide a service that is sporadic. The work performance must be occasional, therefore not repeated over time or habitually performed by the worker. This allows you to carry out the activity without opening the VAT number but only by issuing a simple receipt and applying a withholding tax when necessary. The worker …