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Marketing Strategy: what it is and examples to attract customers

How effective have your marketing strategies been?

Have you already thought about it?

Whoever does not use them yet, should start building them right now.

Those who already have them may need to make some adjustments and evaluate their actions.

After all, in the digital age everything changes very fast. And who does not follow that movement, is left behind.

Gone is the time when marketing only served as support to the sales sector.

Today, it is everywhere. On radio, television, social media, on Google.

And how not to be, right?

Every company wants to expand its market share, so the marketing team must be present and up-to-date.

It is essential that you are ready to create good strategies that will help your business grow.

This article will serve as a guide for developing a solid marketing strategy.

And what is a marketing strategy? What are its advantages?

Will it be the same as a Marketing Plan?

How to use your actions in favor of the business results?

The answer to these and other questions you will find from this moment.

What is a marketing strategy? What is a marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is a set of actions proposed to disseminate and enhance the strengths of a brand. Contributes positively to your reputation and credibility.

Its purpose is to place the organization in a prominent position in the market.

Although the concepts are similar – and sometimes confused – the first acts as an instrument for the second to be fulfilled efficiently.

Therefore, good marketing strategies must integrate objectives, policies and the sequence of procedures that support the strategic planning of the business as a whole.


The concept of strategy is intimately linked to the act of planning.

Usually, a document is prepared, which is the marketing plan, according to the business strategies.

This serves as guidance so that the marketing area can develop the necessary actions based on the proposed objectives.

Therefore, to define the marketing strategy, it is important to know:

  • What is the role of marketing to carry out the business strategy of the company?
  • What campaigns and projects must marketing run to play its role?
  • What is the target audience for such actions?

For example, imagine that your company wants to enter a certain market and establish itself in a prominent position within the segment in which you operate.

In order for your marketing strategy to be able to support that purpose, it is necessary to develop support plans with resellers, such as training.

There is also a need for plans that help build a prominent position, such as promotional campaigns and market surveys.

Because it is important?Because it is important

Given the explanation of the concept of marketing strategies, you already have a notion of its importance to achieve the purposes of your business, right?

To be very clear to you, I have selected some very important factors.

Stay because there is still more!

Cost reduction

Who works in entrepreneurship/entrepreneurship must have already learned at some point, that bad decisions generate unwanted expenses.

When you make a bad investment, you directly cause financial damage.

And the worst thing is that this affects both extremes, both the company and the employees.

Everyone’s time, energy and effort to solve a problem could have been used to carry out other tasks, right?

That being the case, be sure to draw up a clear strategy and share it with your team.

This measure helps to avoid wrong determinations, that is, it acts to the benefit of reducing expenses.

It never hurts to remember that every economy is valid.

Right decisions at the right timeRight decisions at the right time

Being attentive to the market, trends and consumer behavior is very important for decision making.

And for this, well-built marketing strategies can make a decisive contribution.

Based on the information collected, it is easier to get the most relevant point’s right, working to keep the business healthy.

Knowing where to lead your efforts can be the key to the success of the company.

For nothing in the world should you ignore the potential of a good marketing strategy.

Without stress

Working without any planning puts the effectiveness of any strategy at risk.

To give you an example, imagine the wasted time and stress caused by having to interrupt a process to solve problems of misuse of available tools or internal conflicts.

And not to mention, if the proportion of this situation increases, the team will be demotivated, it will be less committed and in that scenario, there will be no way to maintain the results.

There is no half-baked marketing. And the development of a strategy is an essential stage.

My advice is: After defining your goal, it’s time to start planning and avoiding unnecessary stress.

Use a working model, a clearly defined strategy from start to finish.

This care, in addition to leading you to better results, will prepare you for unexpected situations and difficult scenarios.

In practice, you and your team will not be so easily surprised.

And that helps to maintain order, focus on work and the positive results that were achieved.

Most committed collaboratorsMost committed collaborators

I just gave you a little dose of that thing.

Working as a team can be a difficult challenge, if you do not maintain the harmony between employees, the business and the objectives.

The same happens if there are no clear goals and if employees do not know exactly what to do to solve a problem.

All this causes a terrible climate in the work environment.

From the moment your strategy is correctly defined, it is important that you share it with your collaborators and make them understand the importance of following it.

That totally changes the course of the game!

Your team is more committed, understands the objectives, collaborates to meet them and stays updated according to the demands of the competitive market.

Difference between marketing strategy and marketing planDifference between marketing strategy and marketing plan

When it comes to marketing, it is normal for the marketing plan and strategy to get a bit mixed up.

As I told you before, a marketing strategy explains what you intend to achieve, your objectives and goals.

Only that the marketing actions that must be carried out for such purposes, do not fall from the sky.

It takes study and planning.

It is there that you will need a marketing plan, but not without first having a marketing strategy.

I remind you that all planning must be directed to a specific purpose.

For example, pretend that you intend to increase the sales of your business.

In that case, targeting new market segments can be a good marketing strategy.

After that, it is time to set up the plan in which you are going to structure and develop the communication campaigns aimed at this new audience.

Was the difference clear to you?

Define clear objectives for your strategyDefine clear objectives for your strategy

If you want your strategy to be successful, you should not only focus on the data collection phase for prior planning.

The work will also require monitoring throughout the execution of the project.

That means you must set clear goals and meet them.

It is normal for companies to have more than one objective and several ways to achieve each of them.

But it is necessary to prioritize, because as the saying goes, “he who covers a lot, little squeezes”.

There will rarely be any positive outcome, if priorities are not set. That is the first step for the strategy to be successful.

Once you do, you will be able to focus your team’s efforts on those actions that will help the company achieve it.

And, in addition, you can estimate the time necessary to achieve this result.

In short, a marketing strategy only works when it has well-defined objectives and is understood by all employees of the company.

Examples of marketing strategy to attract customersExamples of marketing strategy to attract customers

The market offers a series of marketing channels to help you build a successful strategy.

It can be interesting to use several channels, each one in the best possible way.

Progressively, you will be able to identify which ones are most convenient for your business.

It is not worth maintaining a channel that you do not use with due seriousness.

For that reason, I prepared a list with infallible options for the success of your business.

You can bet without fear!

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns sometimes cause mistrust.

The question arises mainly in relation to ROI – Return on Investment.

But don’t pay attention to whoever considers that tactic outdated.

Email is still a very effective means of marketing.

The important thing is to know how to work that strategy well.

To be successful, remember that email marketing should focus on customer relationships, not sales.

Many companies that offer this service have resources with which it is possible to guarantee excellent personalization and even content segmentation.

This helps to strengthen relationships and build trust with your contact base.

In addition, communication is achieved faster and cheaper, since one of the only expenses is in specialized software to automate, track and evaluate your emails.

Social mediaSocial media

In times of the internet and smartphones, it is important to be present daily in the digital medium so that you can make yourself known in more depth.

But not only that: staying active, interacting with the public, is also essential.

In other words, social media is an indispensable part of a marketing plan.

The ideal is to choose the ones that are most appropriate to communicate with your customers.

There is no use investing in sponsored links on LinkedIn, if your target audience prefers a more visual interaction, such as Instagram.

For example, Facebook offers data such as age, gender, audience location, who likes and interacts with your page.

Another fairly common way that you must have already noticed on networks like Instagram is the use of social networks to sign an association with a digital influencer.

Since these people have a large fan base, they manage to convey credibility to your brand.

Which can be very useful, even to reach new audiences.

Inbound Marketing

If you already have knowledge in digital marketing, you must have come across the concept of inbound marketing.

This strategy brought together several other tools into a single marketing methodology.

Inbound Marketing starts from the principle that the public must find the business and not the opposite.

Basically, the methodology consists of:

  • Engage your audience with paid digital content
  • Convert that audience into leads
  • Work on the qualification of those leads through a sales funnel
  • Enchant using relationships and after-sales actions, to generate brand promoters

O Inbound Marketing aims to attract and conquer potential customers through quality content.

I remind you that for this content to add value to consumers, it must be specialized and segmented according to the people (ideal customer profile) of your brand.

It must also be built according to all stages of the sales funnel.

Thus, it is more feasible to achieve relevance and recognition from the audience.

SEO and Content MarketingSEO and Content Marketing

Do you know what SEO means?

The term originates from the English:  Search Engine Optimization. Loosely translated, it means Search Engine Optimization.

In other words, it is a strategy for your site or blog to achieve a better position in Google and other search platforms.

The great challenge is to achieve that position is achieved organically (free), that is, without paying the media.

But then how do you get a good ranking organically?

At this precise moment content marketing enters the scene.

First of all, it is necessary to choose the specific keywords that are used frequently by your people.

With that in hand, it was time to produce the content.

There is a range of good practices that you can follow to get search engines to accept your content.

However, content alone is not enough, as search sites also take into account the structure of your site, which must be optimized.

Sponsored links

When searching for something on Google, have you already noticed those ads that appear at the top of the page?

For those who do not know it yet, this is Google’s sponsored links system, better known as Google Ad words.

Contrary to the SEO and content marketing strategy, which seeks an organic result, sponsored links are paid means of communication to advertise your product or service.

In addition to Google, it is possible to work sponsored links on other channels, mainly on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.

The interesting thing is that the investment is made in proportion to the quality of clicks received, or by the display of the site link, for example.

Don’t forget to analyze the resultsDon't forget to analyze the results

Ok, the goal is already outlined and the marketing channels necessary to meet it are already in use.

At the end of the day, how do you know if the strategy is working?

The answer is simple: constant monitoring.

To do this, you must establish some metrics and KPIs, the performance indicators.

These will provide you with relevant data that will be used to discover, if your strategy is or on the right track.

For example, it is possible to know how many new clients the company got, what is the cost of each one of them, how much it meant in terms of profit, among other factors.

We have here on the blog, a post about ROI – Return on Investment, one of the most powerful metrics for that purpose.

Start capturing leads with Klickpages todayStart capturing leads with Klickpages today

Do you know what a lead is?

He is a potential customer.

It is like a visitor to your site who did not stay only in the observation stage, but you conquered it with your content and decided to download a certain material, a form or subscribe to a newsletter.

The instrument capture leads almost always called landing page (landing page), which is a conversion page.

If you don’t know how to create it, don’t worry

Everything is much easier when you use a complete tool like Klickpages.

Observe the three basic steps to create your page, using Klickpages:

  1. Choose your model: know the high conversion alternatives proven by tests.
  2. Customize the page: edit the texts, colors and images, as well as hide the elements that are not useful.
  3. Publish: finally, you only need to publish your own domain, without additional hosting costs, it is easy to use or Klickpages.

It is simple, practical and effective.

ConclusionMarketing Strategy Conclusion

By the end of this article, I hope you are clear about the importance of devising good marketing strategies and following them closely to ensure the success you want.

It is worth remembering that, more important than the way you will use to achieve your goals, is the reason why you decided to do it.

Therefore, clear objectives and specific purposes will ensure that whatever marketing strategy you choose to use will bring you closer to success.