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Landing Page: what it is, what it is for and why you need one

In digital marketing, there is no success possible, without understanding what is a landing page (landing page) and reasons to use it for your strategy.

If you want to sell an info product, you need a landing page. To offer a rich material, like an e-book, too.

Whatever your goal on the web, you are faced with the challenge of learning how to create a landing page, and this article can help you do it.

We are going to verify from now on, what a landing page is, what it is for and how to build yours more appropriately for your strategies and purposes.

This is a comprehensive guide that brings together everything you need to know. It is very easy to apply.

By the end of the text, you will be better prepared to set up a successful landing page, generate the conversions you want, attract leads, and qualify them for your customer base.

Do you think it’s OK? So go ahead!

What is a Landing Page?

If you have doubts about what a landing page is, it is nothing more and nothing less than a conversion page, also called a landing page or entry page. In direct and objective language, it is proposed to lead the user to perform an action.

From that point of view, the concept may still seem a bit subjective to you.

At the end of the day, you want all your pages to lead the user to a click, a purchase or a download, for example.

The difference is that the landing page is built for exactly that purpose, no other.

She is planned, created and disclosed to make conversions.

Thus, everything that can cause distractions, harm or compromise that purpose, must be eliminated.

Therefore, it is a cleaner page, with fewer links and visual elements.

This does not mean that a landing page does not have mandatory aspects. Yes it does, and we are going to talk about them in detail in this article.

For now, I’m going to use examples so there is no question about what a landing page is.

Let’s suppose that you want the user of the site or blog to download an e-book that you created as a digital hook.

Lead to the download depends on a CTA – Call to Action (Call to Action), an invitation to the user out of inertia and react to the content you offer.

For that, you can use a link in the middle of a post, among other strategies, for example.

It is not an effort that should be discarded, but there are options that tend to give better results.

You can also use CTA buttons, as shown in the image below.

And you also have the resource of a banner.

All these strategies have a common goal: to get the user to a landing page. And there, on that landing page, as the name implies, the actual conversion will be confirmed.

To download the rich material you offer, the user simply fills in a form in which they register their contact details.

What matters most in this contact is your name and email.

From there, you have a new lead, who is configured as a potential customer.

Look at the image below, an example of a landing page, which is just the landing page of the CTA banner that we presented before.

Did you understand better what a landing page is? Now, it’s time to find out more about its role.

What is it for?

How you just saw it, a landing page is used to make conversions, and, from them, to generate leads.

In this way, this constitutes an important step in the process of selling products and services.

It is through the landing page that you will start relationships with many of your future clients.

And for that reason, it should be built using a type of language that invites and also, leaving it with an attractive appearance.

Confirming the conversion and attracting a potential customer to your contact base depends on that strategy.

There lies another aspect that deserves your attention: a landing page is not just any page that is definitely.

Then, one of the main mistakes in digital marketing is not giving it value and treating it like a homepage, for example, as we will see below.

Landing Page versus Homepage

By now, you have to have a notion about what a landing page is, but still, it can be confused with the term homepage.

As we said before, one of the ways to refer to it is as a front page.

And what is the home page of a site if not a front page, right?

But it is necessary to clarify some differences

The homepage is the front page of a site. She points out paths, but is not the solution for the user’s need.

In the case of the landing page, yes, as it aims to respond to a specific user demand.

The homepage is subjective, full of links, images and advertisements.

The landing page is objective, with restrictive elements to avoid dispersion.

The first, presents the user with a series of options, the second, clearly recommends what he should do, since it indicates a single path.

Was it clearer to you now?

Why use Landing Pages?

Now that you have mastered what a landing page is, you have to move forward to understand the importance of that tool for your digital marketing strategy.

You already understood that their goal is to convert and generate leads.

But why do you need it?

If you are not familiar with the concept of a sales funnel yet, it is worth learning about it.

Imagine the shape of a funnel.

At the top, your target audience is located, which is always very broad.

Then come potential customers.

Below, those that reveal a higher propensity to hire your services or buy your products.

Finally, at the bottom of the funnel, and with a smaller number, your effective customers.

For a member of your target audience to become a customer, you depend on their conversion into lead and on how you have nurtured that contact. That is, how you have rated your relationship with him.

And guess by what means you are going to start that process? If your answer was landing page, you are correct.

It is a tool that adds a lot, if created and used correctly.

Its greatest value is exactly at the beginning of the relationship, but a good strategist turns to the landing page whenever they want conversions.

And that is a need that appears in other stages of your sales funnel.

So, understanding what a landing page is and mastering the tool is an essential stage for the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

What a good Landing Page should have

Now that you are clearer about what it is, what it is for and why you need a landing page, it is time to understand what its mandatory elements are.

Use the information that we are going to give you to create powerful landing pages.

It is important that you focus on each stage, but keep thinking about the general context.

Always remember what your goal is when wearing that piece.

Keeping all of the above in mind, pay attention now to what cannot be missing from your landing page.

Be objective

Do you remember what we talked about distractions?

If you add elements that can disperse the user’s main attention, you are going to distance him from the objective that a landing page is proposed for.

It is true that there are formats in which the narrative is extensive, such as the strategy of telling a story and emotionally involving the reader.

But in general, the advice is to get straight to the point, that is, bluntly.

The more you say, with fewer words, the better.

Obviously, that requires a dose of creative talent when it comes to writing. But if you think you don’t have any, try exercising.

The best exercise in achieving an objective landing page is to practice.

Write, revise, adapt and write again.

Eye-catching title

The advice we just gave you about repeating the exercise to create an ideal landing page applies here as well.

Never forget that this resource exists to remove the user from inertia, lead him to get up from the seat and leave the comfort zone.

Between clicking the button and fleeing your landing page is a decision that the user makes in seconds. What’s more, in a few seconds?

You need an eye-catching title to ensure that at the very least, he thinks a little more before closing your landing page without converting.

The ideal is to conquer it already in that phase, with few words.

Can I give you an example?

If you want to download an e-book about entrepreneurship, which of the titles seems most interesting to you?

  • How to open your company without complications
  • Everything you need to know to open your business today
  • We reveal the secrets to starting a successful company
  • 5 spectacular tips to open your business in record time

Opinions on the title that most invites can be varied. But what matters is exercise. It is thinking about your audience, what they like to read.

Write, repeat, do it again until you reach a title that you consider perfect.

Simple form

If you understood well what a landing page is, you know that one of the reasons why it exists is because you have to capture the user and turn him into a potential customer.

If he does not record at least his email, your action will not make any sense.

On the other hand, it is advisable not to request a lot of data. Do not abuse.

Remember the objectivity necessary for a successful landing page.

Nothing to ask for personal document numbers, for example.

As we already highlighted, the name and email are the information you need to have for the conversion. Then, by nurturing leads, you can move forward.

But if you go for a complex form at that stage, it is quite likely that you will scare the user away.


Now, what is the use of having an objective, succinct, beautiful, attractive page, but without a good offer?

Take a good look, you need to do a critical analysis about what you offer.

What seems like an interesting offer to your eyes may simply not arouse any feelings in the user, other than indifference.

By the way, to get the offer right, the decisive step is to know your audience and what they want.

Remember that, unlike a homepage, the landing page should present the user with the solution to their problem.

Once that is guaranteed, it remains to do your best on the offer.

It is worth remembering here the discounts, bonuses and additional benefits.

On a successful landing page, the user always clearly sees an advantage.

Quality content

In some respects, the landing page is no different from a content marketing strategy.

We are referring specifically to the information that this provides to the user and the reader. .

It is essential to be useful, to be relevant, and to demonstrate authority in what you expose and in the way you do it.

Clear, objective and persuasive language are important, but the page will only be complete if it contains information that is perceived as advantageous by the user.

In short, your content should make it clear what the reader is going to gain by confirming the conversion.

Call to Action

Do you know what a CTA is? It is the invitation itself for the user to perform a certain action.

In the case of a landing page, as we already said in the examples, the Call to Action – CTA usually appears more frequently in the form of a button.

But it is not a simple visual element, like “click here”.

A good CTA is also characterized by making the user feel invited.

Generally, this occurs by means of a short phrase near the button.

It can be something like: “free trial”, “don’t miss this opportunity”, “download it now and discover everything”, among other options.

Note that, on a landing page, everything, absolutely everything seeks the attraction of the user, adopting an eye-catching text.

Use visual resources

Among the secrets of a complete landing page is the wisdom and intelligence in the use of visual resources.

The logo of your brand, a photo that arouses the interest of the user, a funny image in gif, or a video that complements the action. Everything can be valid if it contributes effectively to the strategy.

And there is no other way to discover how to use these elements well, if not incorporating each one of them, according to the preferences of your audience.

Eliminate distractions

This last tip on what a landing page should have, may sound contradictory in relation to the previous one.

In any case, if it is to eliminate distractions, why use visual resources?

The right thing to do is ask yourself that question not only with images, but with all the elements that make up a landing page.

Everyone must contribute to achieve conversion.

In case you are not sure about it, it is much more advisable to opt for the clean and light layout.

Avoid any form of distraction from the reader that prevents them from taking the action you expect them to do.

The rule is: Cut if you don’t add.

Improve your Landing Page with A / B testing

Even if you follow all the steps that we have just explained, the tendency is that you have doubts about the final details of your page.

Well, “where should I put the form?” “And the CTA button?”

“Am I using the right colors?”

“Is that title more striking than the previous one?”

A landing page is always a dynamic construction. You don’t need to be bound by just one model.

If you are in doubt between choosing blue or green, create two options.

Do the same in case you don’t know if you use “advantage” or “benefit” in the title.

With these examples, we want to recommend that you grade your landing page with A / B testing.

Have you never heard of them?

They are quite simple and consist of launching two versions for the same product (in this case, your landing page).

By monitoring the results, you will discover in practice, which was the one that the public liked the most, and thus choose that model.

Create your Landing Page with Klickpages

Klickpages is a platform specialized in creating landing pages that increase the opportunities for your visitor to become a lead.

Observe the three basic steps to create your page, using Klickpages:

  1. Choose your model: know the high conversion alternatives proven by tests.
  2. Customize the page: edit the texts, colors and images, as well as hide the elements that are not useful.
  3. Publish: finally, you only need to publish your own domain, without additional hosting costs.

Easy, easy, right?


So, was it clear to you that there is no success in digital marketing, without understanding what a landing page is?

In this article we address the concept, its function and the main secrets and tricks to use this tool in favor of your strategy.

You checked some tips to create a powerful landing page and you also saw how it is important to generate conversions and win leads.

Now, you are ready to take the next step, which is to put everything you learned here into practice.