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How to do efficient Digital Marketing for your business

How to do efficient Digital Marketing for your business

How to do digital marketing in the right way to really grow?

You are not the only one asking that question, I assure you.

Faced with the need, even the urgency of investing in online campaigns, many people rush in and do not take advantage of all the good that this strategy offers.

Digital marketing is the present and the future of marketing with the added benefits of being cheaper and easily measurable.

But when it is not planned properly, it is possible not only to spend a lot, but to spend badly.

To get away from that trap, the first step is to understand the tools and channels that are available to you.

And there are many, as you will see from now on.

Do you want to know how to work with digital marketing in your company?

Continue here, because there is still more.

What is digital marketing?What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a set of actions that reach the user through channels that work online.

The most important purpose of the strategy is to connect with the target audience, generate interest and win sales.

For this purpose, it uses various mechanisms, such as social networks, blogs and emails.

With the high traffic that access to smartphones has generated, there is no way to do digital marketing without taking into account this new reality.

For this reason, all types of communication directed to the client must consider the means that he accesses and how he uses them.

The great move of digital marketing is to do that efficiently, reaching a greater number of people with a smaller investment.

Advantages of digital marketingAdvantages of digital marketing

It’s no surprise that digital marketing has so many advantages.

I already gave you some clues in that regard at the beginning of this article.

Now I’m going to talk to you in more detail about the main ones.

It is enough to analyze to identify how digital strategy overlaps traditional marketing.

  • Scope Globe l: allows new markets and find negotiate globally with a small investment.
  • Better cost-benefit ratio: a properly planned and targeted digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.
  • Possible results to track and measure: By establishing metrics and using the necessary tools, it is easier to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. You can get detailed information on how customers use your site or respond to your advertising. Web analytics can be configured to show exactly how much you spend to reach, attract, and win over customers.
  • Personalization: if your customer database is linked to your site, when someone visits it, you will have the opportunity to better refine that customer’s profile and work on it more effectively.

Are you convinced?

Then, you only have to learn how to do digital marketing and that will be the subject of the next topic.

How to do digital marketing How to do digital marketing 

As in traditional marketing, the digital strategy has several elements that act individually or together. Which helps your company to meet the objectives established in its marketing plan.

Thinking about this, I selected the main strategies that not only can, but must be incorporated to guarantee the success and constant and sustainable growth of your business.


Blogs are powerful tools to bring your audience closer to your brand.

A powerful blog post adds value, attracts readers, and simulates conversations with each other.

In this way, the channel allows you to build trust and a strong relationship with your potential customers.

Not only because you show that you have authority, credibility and experience in the matter, but also because people can post comments and share the content you produce, becoming more business opportunities for free.

The more a visitor returns to your blog, the greater the chances of deciding that your product or service is the best solution to meet their needs.


Have you already heard of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

The term refers to a broad strategy that aims to drive traffic to your business, mainly through paid means.

For this reason, the method is also known as Paid Search Marketing.

The SEM universe is varied and complicated.

Based on the structure of your business, you can choose the model PPC (pay per click), CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per impressions).

In addition to that, display ads, remarketing and paid advertising on social networks are an integral part of the strategies of this method.

There are different platforms for SEM.

The most popular are undoubtedly Google Ad Words (on the Google Network) and Bing Ads (on Yahoo Bing Network).

It is worth remembering that you can choose a strategy as a single element, such as PPC, or go to a complete SEM, including display and remarketing.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure your work is managed by specialists, because wrong planning can cause your costs not to generate the return you expected.



For those who are new to the subject, Search Engine Optimization – SEO, is essentially the process of adapting your site to appear naturally or organically in search results on Google, Yahoo Bing or any other mechanism.

I will take Google as an example.

This platform updates its algorithms regularly so that only the most relevant results appear on the first page.

The truth is that Google tries to avoid the manipulation of algorithms and filters sites that do not deserve to be at the top of SERPs, which in their free translation, would be Search Engine Result Pages.

Therefore, if you want to stand out in your digital marketing strategies, there is no doubt that you should invest in SEO work.

Your site should address technical details related to content and search matching, spearing, indexing, and interpretation of non-text content.

It is important to remember that SEO is the most profitable digital marketing strategy when it comes to generating organic traffic for your business.

In this other post on our blog we teach you how to use SEO to make your site and your business grow. That content is worth consuming.

The display means

As I mentioned before, display media is a category of SEM.

In that strategy, you can use a variety of display ad formats to target potential audiences, such as images, banners, rich-media, interactive or video ads.

In addition to that, you can personalize your message according to interests, content topics or from the position of the customer on their shopping journey.

However, note that the display medium can be relatively more expensive and not as effective.

For this reason, you need specialists who will generate a good ROI for your company.


If you have not yet invested in email marketing strategies in your company, you may be missing out on great business opportunities.

Well, remember that you are communicating with people who have already shown interest in your company, forming part of a list of potential clients that must be worked with great attention.

With a good email marketing tool, you can create lists and organize your contacts in a segmented way.

You can, for example, rely on various criteria that are meaningful to your business, including those of those customers and their spending habits.

One of the great triumphs of this type of strategy is more personalized communication.

That being the case, invest in the creation of email with that very present, either in the subject space or in the course of the text itself.

In addition to helping to build trust and identification with your company, personalized content that meets the real needs of the client manages to maintain the closest and most lasting relationship.

To prevent your emails from falling into the spam box of your audience, in this article I explain better how to create a creative and high-converting email.

Social mediaSocial media

It is very rare to find someone who does not have at least one account on some social network.

Therefore, in addition to being an excellent channel to communicate with your audience and strengthen the relationship between you, social networks generate considerable traffic to your site.

When your content adds value to your audience, it receives many likes and shares. This makes your brand more credible and noticeable.

But no going blind. Do your research first and try to identify which are the social networks most used by your audience.

Try to adapt your content to that format.

This guarantees greater success in the strategy and avoids wasting time and money.


In addition to being convenient and efficient for the consumer , video offers marketers a means to reach audiences in a more engaging, versatile, and easy-to-share way.

In addition, the popularity of the strategy increases.

The consumption growth of the online video strategy grows expressively.

I remind you that very long videos can tire your audience and you run the risk that they will easily abandon them.

Therefore, take care of that detail when creating your content.


Proposing relevant content to your audience is one of the best ways to achieve your goals and generate leads.

Such content can be produced in YouTube videos and blog posts.

But do not forget about eBooks or digital books, as they are a great way to centralize the same issue in a single document.

One of the great successes of the eBook is that it can be downloaded, which adds more value to it than a blog post.

That way, you can use eBooks as lead generation tools, offering your users relevant content in exchange for contact information.

In addition, writing an eBook also allows you to show your authority on a certain subject in greater depth than in a blog.

Therefore, it is safe to say that eBooks – for the immediate future, at least – should be present in your content marketing strategy.

WebinarsHow to do digital marketing

Webinars are the online version of a conference or seminar.

Its main characteristic is the interactivity or ability to discuss, send and receive information in real time on any matter that your company dominates.

During the webinar, you can initiate surveys, invite other participants to act as co-presenters, communicate through an online chat, and share your computer screen to present slides, among other features.

They are very helpful for both those who present and those who participate.

Anyone can participate in a webinar, without having to leave their place of work or home, during a business trip or vacation.

Therefore, if you want to avoid headaches when it comes to renting the establishment, coffee breaks and transfers for a physical meeting, do not stop investing in that element as part of your strategy.

Digital Marketing ToolsDigital Marketing Tools

It is a fact that your digital marketing strategy needs the right tools to move your business forward.

Now that you know the main channels in which you can invest, look at the excellent options that I present below.


Landing pages are landing pages where visitors are driven when they click on a link or CTA – Call to Action, or call to action.

Therefore, they are decisive in the conversion process of your customers.

These should be simple, objective and immediately show the benefits that a potential client can have by giving their information in exchange for the product offered by your company.

In that context, Klickpages is one of the best tools available on the market for creating successful landing pages with a high conversion rate.

The great advantage is that you do not need a professional to do the HTML programming of the pages.

Everything is done within the tool itself in an easy and intuitive way.

The layout is made up of blocks with information that can be customized according to the needs of your business.

So start creating landing pages with high conversion rates for your site right now.


As I told you before, email is a great way to communicate with your audience and build a lasting relationship.

Blackmail is a powerful tool to create email marketing campaigns in a simple and objective way, thus reaching more people with the right message.

One of the things that stands out is that Blackmail replaces email lists. It has a tag marking system in the email that allows you to keep these lists organized and updated.

All this characterizes the system as an even more precise channel than it was before.

Survey Monkey

Research is important to gather feedback, criticism, opinions and suggestions from the general public.

In the past, they were typically printed and led to people to fill out and complete. A very laborious process.

But with the introduction of online surveys and research, collecting information became a much easier task.

The Survey Monkey is perhaps the best known and currently used tool.

It presents all the necessary functionalities to create professional investigations and surveys.

And the data analysis takes place in real time.

In other words, the results are seen as soon as the interviewees respond and conclude the investigation.

Keyword plannerDigital Marketing Tools

The Keyword Planner is part of a Google Ad words advertising platform.

The tool, as its name implies, is a keyword planner.

This allows users to research and analyze keyword lists for use in PPC (pay per click) campaigns.

Despite being projected as a tool to help structure paid research, the data and insights it provides are also extremely useful for SEO tactics.

For example, using the Google Keyword planner you can find out:

  • Keyword ideas based on a phrase, site landing page, or product category.
  • Monthly and average search volume for a specific period.
  • Volume trends for a single keyword or group of words over time.

Google analytics

One of the aspects that most influence the success of a digital marketing strategy is web analytics.

In that sense, Google Analytics excels.

Essentially, the tool helps to collect, measure, understand, analyze, plan, report and anticipate user activities on your site.

It offers analysis and different angles to reflect on your company’s actions and see which ones are more efficient.

It also helps you understand where adaptations or arrangements need to be made to optimize your campaigns.

In that way, it is clear that each advertiser must use Google Analytics to understand their business and improve ROI and conversions.

ConclusionConclusion Digital Marketing

So did you learn how to do digital marketing?

With everything you saw in this article, but you get to choose the channels and tools that best fit your marketing strategy, which should efocarse on your person.

If you don’t know where to start, you can do it with type A / B tests.

The idea is to compare the tools in practice, noting which ones you get better results with.

However, in most cases, the combination of strategies helps a company meet its objectives.

It is worth remembering that digital marketing is dynamic and always requires monitoring of actions in case there is a need to make possible changes.