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What is Prospect and the difference between suspect, prospect and lead?

business leads

What would you do if you could increase your sales by identifying prospects? It is essential to know identify what prospect or suspect in your l ears. Many people fail to generate traffic and leads. There are several important stages leading up to the sale. Transforming leads into prospects is one of them. In the universe of digital marketing, the use of expressions in English …

What is Metrics and 10 marketing metrics for your business?


How do you track the marketing results, without knowing what metric is? There is no other way. In a digital marketing strategy, measuring campaign performance in real-time is an undeniable necessity. Without metrics, there will be no way to know what is going well in your business. The absence of metrics does not allow you …

Landing Page: what it is, what it is for and why you need one

landing page

In digital marketing, there is no success possible, without understanding what is a landing page (landing page) and reasons to use it for your strategy. If you want to sell an info product, you need a landing page. To offer a rich material, like an e-book, too. Whatever your goal on the web, you are faced with the challenge of learning …