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Product Design at Digital Results

Product Design

Results Digitais is the company that develops RD Station, a web-based tool for Digital Marketing that, during the last two years, jumped from 80 to 1600 customers and from 15 employees to more than 100. During these two years that I followed As the company and the product grow, we apply and test different ways …

Inbound Commerce: how to use Inbound Marketing for ecommerce

Inbound Commerce

Inbound Commerce consists of using Inbound Marketing strategies, such as content production, to make an online store sell more Inbound Commerce consists of applying Inbound Marketing to e-commerce. The idea is to use typical conversion marketing strategies, such as producing relevant content, to attract and convert customers, increasing sales. You, who are looking to use the …

The main trends in Digital Marketing for technology companies in 2015

Digital Marketing for technology companies

Digital Results and Rock Content conducted a survey of more than 600 technology companies in Brazil to bring you the main trends in Digital Marketing in the sector. How is your company compared to the market average? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what are the digital marketing trends for Brazilian technology companies in 2015? How are they working? Where …

Object Oriented Design Tips with Ruby – Part 1

Object Oriented Design

In recent years the Object Orientation paradigm has been increasingly applied and spread within the software development community. Proof of this is that the vast majority of new languages ​​that have emerged in recent years follow this paradigm. Object-Oriented development has several advantages and aims to make development simpler, focused on greater abstraction and code …

The role of companies in the search for racial equality: learn about the history of Preto no Preto and its transformational power in the DR

racial equality

Find out how the Preto no Preto collective is working both within Resultados Digitais and the ecosystem of startups and technology “We will pave the way to increase diversity in our team.” That it was the statement when we launched the Black on Black (PnP), collective of black people and brown the Digital results, for about three years. Since then, …

What is an info product, types and how to promote yours?


After all, what is an info product, if not one of the greatest opportunities of the moment? If that concept still sounds weird to you, it should come as no surprise that you are losing money. As the internet is today the main sales platform, the negotiated product also had to be digital. Are you going to tell …