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The Lease Agreement for Airbnb: A Practical Guide


Do you want to rent out your property and are wondering if a lease is needed for Airbnb? To rent a property for tourist use it is mandatory to enter into a written contract that allows you to protect yourself in the event of disputes with your guest. Together with our partner Airbnb we have created a practical guide to help …

Open a club or a club: how to do it and costs


A short guide on how to open a club. We explain what it is, what are the obligations, what are the costs of setting up and management. What is a private club or a club? The private circle or club is a non-commercial entity made up of people who have common interests (recreational, cultural, religious, sports, etc.) and who come together …

What is the Lease Agreement with Cedolare Secca

lease agreement

The Lease Agreement with Cedolare Secca is an agreement by which one party (lessor) makes available to the other (tenant or “tenant”) by choosing to apply a subsidized tax regime, the dry coupon. In fact, the dry coupon allows you to apply a substitute tax for personal income tax and additional income from the property. The taxation of the fee is set at 21% and the …

What is the Rental Agreement (Leasing of Movable Assets)?

Rental Agreement

The rental contract (common name for the leasing of movable property) is the contract with which a subject (renter) makes a movable property available to another subject (user) for a given period of time and for a fee (rent). You can choose whether to rent only the good or whether to include any ancillary services, instrumental to the use …