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Non-Profit Association: What it is and How to Create It

Non-Profit Association

The non-profit association is a non-profit organization. Let’s see what it is, what its characteristics are, what types exist and how to make it up. What is a non-profit association? The non-profit association, no profit in English, is a non-commercial body made up of 3 or more people who organize themselves to achieve goals of an ideal, solidarity, or …

What is the Maintenance and Assistance Contract?

Maintenance and Assistance Contract

The Maintenance and Assistance Contract regulates the provision of a service aimed at guaranteeing the efficiency of an asset (e.g. machinery, equipment, plant, software, etc.). From a strictly legal point of view, this activity is framed in the context of the service contract (when the supplier is a company, e.g. company) or the provision of services (if the supplier is a …

What is the Lease Agreement with Cedolare Secca

lease agreement

The Lease Agreement with Cedolare Secca is an agreement by which one party (lessor) makes available to the other (tenant or “tenant”) by choosing to apply a subsidized tax regime, the dry coupon. In fact, the dry coupon allows you to apply a substitute tax for personal income tax and additional income from the property. The taxation of the fee is set at 21% and the …