About This Blog

There are too many resources out there that provide money management and financial planning tips, and while they are awesome, I realized something was missing from them.  It was the “realness” of the content, the connection to actual life situations, and most of all, good ol’ humor. Honestly, talk of money or wealth doesn’t have to be written with arched eyebrows and read with pursed lips!

So, welcome to DIRT CHEAP WEALTH. An unconventional, non-BS, blog for the financially curious.

I started this blog to provide unique insights, ideas and strategies on wealth creation, but in a fun, simple and practical way. I also wanted to explore what drives our relationship with money; what feeds it and how we can enhance it. Because it is important to create a life of wealth by doing things that inspire us, that makes us happy and that feel like a natural extension of who we are.

So, with high fives galore, let’s get started on this exciting journey together!!

Oh, and before you go…

Five things you need to know about wealth creation:

– It is for everyone
– It requires strong intentions and unwavering focus
– It requires an unblocked /unconditioned mind that loves money (remember, money is not the destination, it is a beautiful accessory to the journey towards it)
– It requires disciplined spending (remember, spend smart to save smart)
– It requires to always look at the big picture, meaning, where your actions sit in the bigger scheme of things (remember to look only at YOUR big picture, and stop comparing)

Five reasons how this blog can help you with wealth creation:

– It provides unconventional insights into wealth creation, written in a way you can understand and follow
– It addresses the pain points head on and provides strategic solutions
– It stays ahead of the financial planning trends and delivers its message that stands the test of time (classy, you say)
– It is honest, makes mistakes and learns from it…essentially it is interactive
– It is funny, and oh so stylish!

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Lets get fiscal, fiscal! 


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