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3 Nutrition Flow Ideas to Use in the Educational Market

One of the reasons for losing a potential student could be the lack of communication with this Lead and the lack of maturing interest in your institution, something you can get around with a strategic flow of emails.

A student deciding which colleges to apply for, a mother looking for the first school for her child, and a professional willing to improve their education without spending too much time. These three examples can be very similar to some Educational Institution personas. They arrive at the site, have an initial interaction, engage in some material (but without personalized communication), end up not evolving their interest and looking for another option in the market.

This is a recurrent situation in the educational market, but it can be overcome with nutrition flows with the help of marketing automation. And how it works? It is important for the institution to be clear about the Buying Journey of its potential students, establish segmentation according to fundamental criteria for the actions (for example, the Lead converted to the pre-registration page) and define the flow objective (a visit to the school is a choice of goal).

Another key point is knowing what materials to send or what topics to address in each email in the flow. To help with this part, here are some flow ideas separated by Educational Institution profile.

Faculty or University

During the entrance exam campaign, a Higher Education Institution can use different flows to bring the Lead to the enrollment. With the indecision of students about which course to choose and also due to the location of the IES and the price of tuition, it is essential that the institution invests in the relationship with these potential students, so as not to lose them along the process. For HEIs at this stage, some flow and email ideas to use are:

Pre-enrolled Leads

Activate a flow for those potential students who have completed the pre-registration form but have not yet completed the entrance exam application.

  • Do you know our differentials? – Putting the differentials of the university entrance exam and the institution. This is a good email to talk about the IES financing facilities or scholarships, for example, and thus increase the potential student’s interest to complete the application.
  • One more step for registration – Address in this email that, in order to complete the registration, only a few more information is needed, and that filling it out will take a few minutes. Emphasize that the differentials shown in the previous email are closer to being achieved by taking the entrance exam. Put the link to the application.

Subscribed Leads

This flow goes to the Leads who signed up for the entrance exam.

  • Thanks for your registration! – Thank you for completing the registration and provide access to the test date and location.
  • To rock the entrance exam – Send a guide with study tips, simulations or commented questions that help in the study for the institution’s exam. One format for these materials might be microlearning.
  • Don’t waste your time! – Remember in this email the date, time and place of the test, ensuring that the candidate does not miss this information.

Approved Leads

After the entrance exam results activate a flow for students who have passed.

  • Congratulations on your approval! – Send in this email the congratulations for the approval and the data for the registration to be made.
  • Get to know a little more about your college – In this email, it is interesting to send a video introducing the institution.
  • Remember the registration! – This email is to remember the date of registration, which documents to take and where to go.

Free online courses school

Without steps such as entrance exams and face-to-face enrollment, this institution profile can use the flows to re-engage alumni or to make a purchase.

The student completed a course

Send to a student who has just completed an online course.

  • How much did you learn about x? – In this email, it is interesting to ask for feedback on the student’s experience and send some texts or suggestions for complementary materials to the course he has just completed.
  • Do you want to go further? – This message may contain suggestions for other courses complementary to the one he completed and indications of school materials that he can download for free.
  • Earn half of your complimentary course – This email is to offer you a discount as a second-course purchase at the school. It is interesting to select one or two options to show that the topic makes sense with the student’s learning path.

Lead downloaded free class

This stream can be sent to those Leads who have signed up to attend a free class.

  • What do you need to learn? – In this email, address the importance of the topic of the course in which he attended the free class and indicate a second complementary material to the subject, to arouse more interest in the Lead.
  • Start now! – Show in this email the advantages of the course, the differentials of the methodology and offer a discount for them to make the purchase with the link in this email.

College of Basic Education

Basic Education Institutions are well connected to on-site auctions. One of these reasons is that some parents only decide where to enroll their children when they know the school and the structure it offers. In these situations, one idea is to use the flows to attract decision-makers to the school and, after the visit, keep in touch so that interest in the institution is maintained and leads to the student’s enrollment.

Lead converted into an eBook on Preschool Care

Send the flow to a Lead who sought out your institution and was interested in an eBook, for example, that addresses the importance of preschool care.

  • What is your child’s future? – Choose a material for this email that talks about how the pre-school stage is an important stage in the child’s school life, which will serve as a basis for all future learning.
  • How the environment influences your child’s learning – In this email, you can send tips and a post about the importance of the school’s infrastructure for your child’s well-being and show photos of the institution’s environments.
  • Meet our school – This email is intended to schedule a visit so that the Lead (mother, father or guardian) can get to know your institution. Provide a form with options for dates and times for the visit to be scheduled.

A lead who visited the college

It is interesting to send this flow to parents who visited the institution.

  • How was your experience? – Send in this email a summary of what you usually present on guided tours by the school and make the institution available for questions that may have arisen or even a new visit.
  • Trust in our care – Provide in this email a document with the school’s data, such as values, mission, methodology, professors, awards you have received, in short, a material that makes official the potential of your institution to serve a possible student.
  • Enroll your child for the future – In this email, you can send a form for a child’s pre-enrollment, stating the days and times the school will receive enrollment in person.


These are some examples of flow scripts that your institution can explore to work on the relationship with potential students. But don’t forget to take into account your persona, the materials and subjects you have already mapped, and your IE needs. The amount of emails per stream, the duration and when they make sense are decisions according to your needs. The more personalized the emails, the more results they will bring.