Hello, My Name is DCW. And, I’ve Got This.


I sit here, typing, praying, praying some more, and then typing. There is so much to do, and so little time. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out by not instagramming/tweeting/blogging fast enough. I started this blog with just one goal in mind – to provide personal finance/wealth creation strategies and insights in the way that people can understand easily, implement immediately and catch a few laughs while doing it.

But, who am I to create these strategies? Where does my credibility come from? And, why should anyone even bother to listen to me?

Because I have been from a state of money-madness to money mindfulness that helped me create financial stability, and freedom. Because I know if I can do this, I can help others get a grip on their situation and create an abundant life, the way it is meant to be lived. Because through trials and errors, I have morphed conventional financial wisdom into unconventional strategies that has seen higher rate of return over a period of time.

Thought I’d share a few facts about me, so you can get to know me a bit more:

  • I’ll be real…this is tough! And, so very hard for me to do. Writing this section is like me betraying myself. I am a very private person, and only allow a few people into my world. But, at the same time, I am super confident. I can speak on the stage in front of 1000s of people, say hello to strangers, strike up conversations in elevators, etc. I researched this, and this personality type is called an extroverted introvert! Can you believe that? So, while I am cringing talking about myself, right about now, I am confident that it will allow for a better bond between us
  • I am a busy working mom to two amazing human beings under the ages of 7. While I can whip up delicious meals (ahem ahem, yes!) in seconds, get kids to their swimming class after commuting 1.5 hrs back home and end the day with bedside reading of Dr. Seuss books, I also harbor a secret mission.  To educate and empower people through a) expanding their mindset about money b) busting sorry myths that lead to nowhere c) creating systems and processes that bring forth financial nirvana. So, yeah, I am personal finance ninja mom with a cape (Although, my partner is my amazing husband, who wears a cape of his own)

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  • I started a wedding photography business when my older one was 2 and my younger one was an infant, and we were new transplants in CA (all the way from NYC). Was I scared to take the plunge after having a safe corporate job for years and a degree in Finance & Investments? Heck, yeah! So what made me warm up to the idea of carrying a breast pump while I worked long hours shooting a wedding with a toddler and an infant at home? The ‘can do’ attitude. I loved photography but I wanted to do more than be just that ‘mom with camera‘. I wanted to be more. I worked like insane establishing my studio, networking with top vendors and getting on the list of gorgeous venues without ever having shot a wedding there.  Year 1 = hard hustle. Year 2 = Sweet profitable business. I call this badassery! And, I am sooo proud of it. 
  • While I was working out the photography kinks, my husband was the sole earner, and through creative thinking, we survived thrived as a family of four. I was able to manage the expenses in such a way that we could continue to a) live in nice neighborhood b) send our kids to a good day-care, full time c) travel and take mini vacations d) save e) buy an investment property in a lucrative neighborhood. That’s why I mention again, if I can do this, so can you!
  • I love milk shakes – wait for it – with  malt!
  • Navy is my absolute favoritest color
  • I love faux-online shopping sometimes. Basically, it’s me endlessly adding items to my “shopping cart” and then clicking out of the website (Gilt, Outnet, OneKingsLane, JCrew, TheRealReal are some of my favs that have my heart, and potential wallet – somedays)
  • Matt Damon is God (and super handsome one at that, not that anything is wrong with Mr. J)
  • I am a great observer of people/news/things – I won jeopardy at my work the first month I was there. What was the jeopardy about? It was on fun facts about your co-worker!
  • I have a knack for perfectly timed stock picks. I do market research, read up street views and do a holistic economic overview prior to any purchase.
  • I am a dreamer, and have a great imagination. I love writing fictional stories whenever I can find time
  • I didn’t know how to cook until after I got married, but now I can make three mean dishes in less than an hour. Woot Woot!
  • I cry when I watch amazing talents on either AGT or World of Dance (oh, some humans are soo blessed)
  • I am a big time foodie, y’all, but I don’t drink. Yup, no alcohol for this lady!
  • I love adventure sports, and next one on my list: sky diving
  • I meditate daily (don’t ask me how I find the energy to push myself out of bed at 4:00am, but this book changed my life)
  • I remember names – even if I spoke to you for 10 seconds, I will remember your name if I meet you after 10 years

Ok, hopefully that last fact doesn’t make you think I am super human. But, if it does, brownie points for me, no?

Before I sign off, I want to say…

This, right here, is good. This moment, right now, is perfect.

Lucky for me, the personal finance blogging community I’ve joined is awesome, and I know I am surrounded by the right people, the right energy and the right mindset. So as I now journey on this #PF blog path, I feel loved and I feel confident. All that comes to my mind is….

I’ve got this.

6 Replies to “Hello, My Name is DCW. And, I’ve Got This.”

  1. Hi and welcome! We are pretty new to the PF world as well (started in May 2017, though we have been following the blogs for YEARS!). Looking forward to following along 🙂

  2. Mrs. Adventure Rich, your love and support means a lot! Thank you. Excited to be part of this community.

  3. Welcome to the PF community, I’m excited to follow along on your blogging adventure!

    And, faux-online shopping for the win!

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! Means a lot!!

  4. Hi Shivika, found you through Rockstar Finance. Looking forward to more posts! As a side note, I ran a side hustle for a few years as a wedding mehndi artist. I totally relate with you on being an extroverted introvert, that type of personality definitely helped when I worked at weddings.

    1. Hello, Mrs FH – so nice of you to drop by! Thank you. So funny you say that because my extroverted introvert nature is what got me through photographing weddings too 🙂 It’s a lot of fun!

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