One Killer Personal Finance App In Your Phone That You Didn’t Know About

Doesn’t it feel awesome when you stumble onto things that instantly make your life amazing? And, better yet, they just happen to be lying around, within your reach – waiting to be grabbed? Like that feeling when you are picking up your dirty laundry, and out rolls a wad of bills from the back pocket of your tight jeans. There it lies, the sweetness, just within your reach, waiting for you to grab it.

Kinda’ like this.

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Precisely why I am super excited about this post, because whaddayaknow I was sitting on this motherlode of an awesome planning tool right in my phone and I didn’t even have an inkling. And, before I share with you, I want to list out a few healthy-helpy pointers, just so I can level set all your questions and expectations.

  • This app is for iPhone owners (iOS) only since I am an iPhone-wala. But, I love to spread the knowledge net far and wide, and will do a separate post for Android fans (with multitude of phone types) on their inbuilt personal finance app(s)- can I get a woohoo?
  • This in-built app is perfect for those who like to keep a monthly or daily log of expenses or create their net worth totals,  but without having to sit down at a cumbersome desktop or a loopy laptop. It is simple, intuitive and easy process on the go (while you are in a bus, train or Uber)
  • The app allows you to create fancy (read professional looking) reports that you can proudly flash in front of your friends, and show them your budding budgeting prowess (and smarter yet, you can offer to do some of their budgeting in exchange for a drink or dinner – win win, I say)
  • The app allows you to collaborate – what?? Yes, and it’s as simple as clicking on the tab that says “collaborate”. If I have to explain this any further, I think I am going to die a little bit on the inside
  • The apps even allows you to add formulas, stock prices, etc, so if you are maintaining your investment portfolio, hell yeah, go full on baby!
  • Please note: This app does not do your taxes. It could potentially help you with getting the deets together for filing your taxes, but not actually doing it. Maybe the iOS Gods (ahem, Apple) will hear my plea and make something like this for the future (cue: you sitting on the beach with Mimosa in one hand and your phone in another, and just as you laugh out “taxes” to your significant other, you inconspicuously press the “send e-tax” button, and then sit back and relax knowing by the time you get home, a decent tax refund will be welcoming you with open arms.) Aah! One can dream, right?

Know that this is the kind of simple stuff that not many blogs brag about because there is a belief somehow talking about finance shouldn’t be that simple, eh? You’ve got to go super alpha on this!

I say, bullocks!

Personal finance can be easy, and it does get easy. If we work with the end goal in mind, and with the clarity of understanding all the options available to us. Say, you are not the investment type, but go crazy on talks of real estate so go ahead and device strategies from the viewpoint. Maybe you are the crazy investment type who likes to trade on complex algo – and that’s ok too because it is all about exploring your capacity to a) handle risk b) understand your time horizon. Because a combination of these two factors determines your appetite for your personal finance goals.

Also, we don’t have to go crazy with spreadsheets doing complex maths and formulas (a lil song for my finance geeks here – Vlookups all day, e’rday. I do vlookups all day, e’rday). The basics of getting ahead on your financial situation boils down to this simple a-ha! inducing concept: save more than you spend. And, if you have simple tools to track your budget, chances are you will have a better idea of where you are most spending your hard earned (or not so hard earned) monneyy on!

Alright, time to get revealin’ (oh, and just download this free app from the App Store or chances are that it already exists on your phone next to Notes or hidden in that “Other” folder since you didn’t know what to do with it. Well, now you do.)

Say hello to the most powerful and number-loving app called Numbers

If I could date an app, this would be it. So sophisticated yet so simple. Love the wide range of formats available to choose from – I mean this is as close to Century 21 shoe store awesomeness as it can get.

FEATURES : Ease of use, great UX (aka user experience), multi-formats, ability to collaborate and download as PDF or EXCEL or CSV

PERFECT FOR: Individuals (married or single), small business owners starting out, bloggers, 


This is the main/home screen of the app


From all the templates, I chose the Monthly Budget Report and once I click on it, it brings me to the screen (above). Notice two tabs on the top. The Budget data tab is linked to Transactions Data (when you click in the cells in the Budget tab, it will show you the formula! How awesome!)


Once in Transaction tabs, you can edit the categories and make it whatever you want! And whatever numbers you put in, will flow through as totals on the budget tab

Once you are done inputting numbers, click on the three-dots on top right corner, like indicated below

Click on the three dots!

And, it opens to the screen below:

This is magical! Look at all the options above.


Finally, after I am done entering my numbers, etc. it compiles the final report and then I can do this


free-personal-finance apps-iphone
I can choose from any of the options and send it via email or text message or airdrop it. Wow! Wow!

And below is sample report that I sent myself as a test. All in like 10 minutes.

Personal Budget

Once you set up the template, I bet you the process is going to be even quicker. And, oh so fun!

I really hope that you will use this powerful Numbers app to rock your world, because it sure did mine.

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  1. What is the name of the app?

    1. Hey Paul, its called “Numbers”. Its a basic iOS app and its absolutely free.

  2. Dear DCW,

    Sounds like it’s definitely worth a look. Interested in your findings for android apps.

    Besos Sarah.

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Yup, working on the Android piece, and it should be ready soon.

  3. Curious about your take on this app as compared to apps like mint or personal capital. It seems Numbers is very similar to templates you can find in excel which for the most part tend to be static/snap shot in nature. Thanks!

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